What To Know Before Purchasing A Hearing Aid

What To Know Before Purchasing A Hearing Aid

When you are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with conversations or are missing noises around you, life can become challenging. Many people put off dealing with the issue, worried about the costs and time involved, and reluctant to wear an obvious hearing aid. But the process does not need to feel overwhelming or complicated, nor do the results have to include a major hit to your budget or your confidence.

Finding the right hearing device for you is easier than you think. There is a wide array of choices out there, but it’s just a matter of knowing your requirements and understanding some of the differences. At Tweak Hearing, we offer devices that can assist you continue enjoying doing what you love, and we are keen to help you understand your options.

There Are Alternatives To Expensive And Bulky Hearing Aids

You may not need to use prescribed hearing aids if your hearing challenges are not significant, but you might still feel some assistance would make a huge difference to your life. That is where personal sound amplifier products (PSAP) can play an important role. If you have been avoiding the idea of expensive hearing devices, these can be great for you.

They can increase your ability to hear noises around you using a small device that includes a microphone, receiver, amplifier, and high-end feedback cancellers. You can increase the sounds you want to hear, while reducing background noise, so you will be listening to those beautiful bird songs and enjoying your favorite television show in no time.

Sound Amplification Can Be Personalized

Our personal sound amplification products provide extra help when you are experiencing hearing challenges. Their unique amplification ability allows you to adjust the sound to your preferred setting. Once set up, it will remember your choice each time you turn it on. Within this feature, you can also fine tune the volume to adapt to different environments and situations. Not all sound amplifying devices have this combined functionality.

Positioning Differs Between Types Of Hearing Devices

It is easy to assume that devices that help with hearing challenges sit in the same spot but in fact, there are various designs with advantages and disadvantages for particular people and situations.

How they fit to your ear can make a significant difference. Some sit inside your ear canal, some in the outside part of your ear, and others behind your ear. This impacts the level of visibility, comfort, effect, and cost. Our hearing amplifiers sit behind the top of your ear and a small sound tube enters the ear canal. They are discrete and unobtrusive and allow for glasses to be worn at the same time.

There Is More Than One Way To Listen

Hearing devices also differ in design in terms of how the surrounding noise reaches you. Listening modes that you can find in our products include omni-directional, which suits quiet environments, directional, which is good for noisy situations, and the use of a telecoil, which can be used with a telephone or loop antenna.

Digital Technology Adds Useful Compatibility Features

Hearing devices have come a long way. There is a range of options now that can help you get even more out of the device. Our Tweak Enhance personal sound amplifiers include the ability to connect to your smartphone, and through our free app, you can adjust the settings to help improve your hearing experience to suit specific situations in a fast and simple way.

Gain Assistance For Your Hearing Challenges

There are various elements to consider when looking for ways to improve your hearing experience. Personal sound amplification devices are a great option for mild hearing challenges. Our products have been designed by an experienced audiologist so that you can find a product to help you without the time-consuming and costly process that can be involved in obtaining prescribed hearing aids. Our devices offer you an affordable and discreet option that is easy and quick to organize and set up.

Tweak Hearing products are here for you when you require an assisted hearing device that you can control to help you be involved in life wherever you are.

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