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Audiologist Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier

Founded By Audiologist, Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier

Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier is an audiologist with over 50 years of experience helping people to hear better. Throughout the early years of his career he found that hearing aids often came with significant costs, and became frustrated that not everybody was able to hear as well as they could as a result. He then founded Tweak Hearing, focusing on high-quality, nearly invisible devices that let users take control and reap the benefits.

Why We’re Different

Advanced OTC Hearing Aid Technology

We recognize that one size doesn’t always fit all. Our advanced technology means that you’re in charge of how your device works for you, thanks to customization and innovation.

No Prescription, No Wait Time

Prescription hearing aids require an Rx from a hearing health professional, which can cost valuable time and money. OTC hearing aids by Tweak Hearing remove these hassles and allow you to purchase your devices online quickly and easily.

Unmatched US-Based Customer Support

Customer support is as crucial to us as your hearing is. Our US-based team is on hand to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after your purchase.

Designed With You In Mind

Our OTC hearing aids have been designed to make your life easier, so we’ve kept your wants, needs, and goals in mind.

Customizable For Your Lifestyle

If someone wears hearing aids, they likely won't need them at a concert. Or you prefer quiet conversations with your closest friends and family, our OTC hearing aids can be customized to just how you like them.

Our Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first 45 days after purchase, which provides you with a full refund of the purchase price excluding any shipping, handling, or delivery charges. 

Shop Tweak Hearing Products Today

At Tweak Hearing we understand that your hearing is yours and yours alone, so your OTC hearing aids shouldn’t be reduced to just one or two options. Tweak Hearing products have been created with you and your needs in mind, allowing you to customize your OTC hearing aids to your lifestyle. If you’ve realized you’re missing out on some of life’s most special moments, try the Tweak Hearing difference today.

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