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Tweak® brand products are one of several innovative hearing solutions offered by Ear Technology Corporation (ETC), a company that lives by its tagline of ‘Helping people hear better, every day.’

Dr. Daniel Schumaier, inventor As an Audiologist for more than 50 years, our company founder – Dr. Daniel Schumaier – has helped thousands of people hear better. But cost has always been a problem when it comes to hearing aids. That’s why he invented Tweak. Tweak is a family of small, behind the ear instruments that are nearly invisible when worn. Tweak uses the same high- quality components as most hearing aids, offering state-of-the-art performance at a small fraction of the cost.

TWEAK’s patented technology lets YOU program YOUR device to what sounds best for YOU! With simple button pushes, or in some products, the use of an app on your smartphone, you can choose among a number of options to find the one that provides the most benefit to you. Our belief is that putting control in the hands of the user results in the greatest degree of satisfaction with the outcome.

In addition to Tweak products, ETC offers a wide variety of hearing related products, including Dry & Store® brand hearing product drying and storage solutions, Clik®EZ brand hearing aids, PLAID® personal listening aid devices, and Ear Tech TV Audio® systems. All of these solutions are the direct result of company president Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier’s experience as a dispensing audiologist.

History of Ear Technology Corporation

DryMax applianceDr. Schumaier has run a dispensing practice since the early 1970s and was one of the first audiologists in the country to extend his practice beyond hearing diagnostics to the actual dispensing of products. In his practice, Dr. Schumaier saw first-hand how moisture was wreaking havoc with his patients’ hearing aids, creating performance issues and in some cases even causing them to fail altogether. His patients were frustrated by poor hearing aid performance, and

Dr. Schumaier was just as frustrated by the lack of an effective remedy. So he took it upon himself to “do something about it.” The result was the creation of a new category of products to dry the hearing aids, provide sanitization, and a proper place to store them.

Over a period of several years he developed the technology, was awarded several patents, built and tested several prototypes, and then in 1997, began manufacturing and distributing the Dry & Store hearing aid conditioning system. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of hearing aid users have benefited from Dry & Store’s unique process, resulting in fewer repairs, better sound quality, and relief from itchy, irritated ears.

In 2003, Dr. Schumaier turned his attention to hearing devices due to ongoing concerns from customers who were suffering from Single-Sided Deafness. Not seeing solutions available to help these individuals, he invented the TransEar®, a patented innovation specifically designed for those dealing with Single-Sided Deafness.

In 2014, a creative new approach to the programming and fitting of hearing aids was designed and patented by ETC and Dr. Schumaier. ClikFIT® programming for hearing aids allows instant fitting capability for devices without the need for cables, computers, or special programming software. That same year, Tweak brand products first appeared, taking advantage of ClikFIT programming and designed to be simple enough for consumers to program on their own. Combined with ground-breaking affordability, the Tweak products were an instant hit.

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With more than 25 years of innovation behind us, you can count on ETC, the makers of Tweak, Dry & Store, and Clik EZ products, to continue to build upon our position as the worldwide leader in affordable hearing instruments and hearing instrument care solutions. Look no further for the best care available.

Ear Technology Corporation. Helping people hear better, every day.