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Tweak Focus+T OTC Hearing Aids
Tweak Focus+T OTC Hearing Aids in travel boxes

About Tweak Focus+T

Tweak Focus+T is our most popular option, equipped with four different amplification profiles and available in two colors. This OTC hearing aid is designed with you in mind, allowing you greater control over your hearing. Whether you’ve been missing pieces of conversation or haven’t been able to hear the crash of the waves like you used to, Tweak Focus+T aims to help bring it all into focus.

Customized OTC Hearing Aid Technology

Tweak Focus+T uses patented technology that gives you the freedom of choice. Available as a single device or a pair and in either metallic gray or beige, these are just the beginning of your options! Our customized technology gives you the ability to select the fitting profile that best suits your needs, and to adjust it as required. Having a quiet dinner with a friend? Going out to see your favorite artist? A person with a hearing aid doesn’t need amplification at a concert. Whatever you’re up to, you can choose your listening preference and volume.and outdoor. Select the option that works best for you, fine-tune your selection, and get ready to experience all the world has to offer.

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Included In Your Purchase

Tweak Focus+T comes with a simple push button that remembers your listening profile, giving you more time to focus on what’s important. This OTC hearing aid also includes a Telecoil setting for better hearing in looped environments and on the phone, and an easy-to-use digital volume control to give you even more flexibility in different environments.

Handy pocket-size carrying case

One card of four batteries (size 312)

Instruction manual

Download Focus+T OTC manual

Warranty card

Download Focus+T OTC warranty

Quick start guide

Download Focus+T OTC quick start guide

Accessory packs

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Why Tweak Focus+T?

Customizable To You

There is no one size that fits all when it comes to OTC hearing aids. Tweak Focus+T takes this into account with its customization options for sound quality and fine tuning.

Designed By An Audiologist

Tweak Focus+T has been designed by audiologist Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier, who has over 50 years of experience in the industry.

Four Listening Modes

Focus+T offers four different fitting profiles. Once you choose the one that provides the best sound for you, there are three different listening modes. One for quiet locations, one for noisy locations, and telecoil mode to be used when in an environment with a hearing loop.

FAQs About Tweak Focus+T

Each Tweak Focus+T comes with

Two Thin Tube Accessory Packs containing:
– Two sound tubes (2B, right and left)
– One sleeve tip
– Two (9mm) vented domes, preinstalled on thin tubes
– One (12mm) vented dome
– Two closed domes (9mm and 12mm)
– Five cleaning lines

Yes! Tweak Focus+T is an FDA-registered medical device and is classified as an over-the-counter hearing aid.

Tweak Focus+T uses a 312 (brown tab) battery. With full-time use, the battery will last for approximately five to seven days. When the battery becomes low, Tweak will give you a subtle reminder by beeping— six sets of double beeps— before shutting down.

Tweak Focus+T is covered by a limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty applies to the original owner for 12 months from the date of the sale to customer. See the warranty card for complete details.

A 12 month warranty extension is available for purchase or can be provided at no charge with the user’s validated purchase and regular use of a Dry & Store® appliance. Combined with the original 12 month warranty, the extended warranty gives you a total warranty of 24 months. See the warranty card for complete details.

Call 1-888-815-3240 or email for assistance. You will be provided with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and instructions to send in your Tweak for service.

Hear Better With Tweak Focus+T

Tweak Focus+T gives you the power of choice over your hearing. With this OTC hearing aid you’ll enjoy having the option to choose between fitting profiles and to easily adjust your volume, letting you live your life with a focus on what’s important to you.

Shop Tweak Focus+T Today

With customization options galore and the ability to help you take your hearing into your own hands, Tweak Focus+T will have you wondering why you didn’t take this step sooner. If your hearing could use a boost, shop Tweak Focus+T today.

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