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Missing phone calls and visitors? Family and friends telling you that you haven't heard them?
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Difficulty hearing conversations or hearing in crowds?
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Always turning up the TV or music? Missing the sounds of nature?

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You can give our products a trial for free for 45 days if you feel you are ready to test an in-ear amplifier.

Tweak technology, the only sound amplifier for ears, has a unique patented technology that offers three modes of amplification to best suit every situation. One for quiet environments and one for noisy environments, and a telecoil mode can be used directly with a phone.

Choose The Tweak In-Ear Sound Amplifier That’s Right For You!


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What settings are ear amplifiers the most effective in?

Although ear amplifiers are useful in many situations, here are some of the most common ones where they can be most beneficial:

  • Group settings
  • Lecture halls
  • Worship services  
  • Parties
  • Restaurants
  • TV/Radio
  • Children’s voices
  • Bird watching
  • Gathering places for the public
  • Concert hall

How do Tweak Ear Amplifiers compare with hearing aids?

Ear amplifiers of high quality share many technological characteristics with prescription models. The difference being that these are available as over-the-counter hearing aids. These sound amplifiers can be purchased and customized similarly to reading glasses. To find the best reading glasses, you can try them on in a drug store. Tweak Focus offers a variety of preset algorithms that you can use with just a click to find the one that works best for your needs.

A table of the features and benefits of Tweak Products compared to other options
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Tweak Is Built For You

  • It is incredibly easy to use  
  • Patented ClikFIT®, technology that allows YOU to choose the settings that sound best to you
  • Significantly cheaper than hearing aids
  • The same components are found in high-end hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars: high-end digital amplification, high-end feedback cancelers and directional microphones, as well as speakers and bio-compatible plastics.
  • Digital volume control allows for greater flexibility in different environments

Tweak hearing products were designed by Dr Daniel Schumaier – an audiologist who has more than 50 years of experience – and will leave you asking why you haven’t taken this step sooner. All this from a US company with exceptional customer service based in Johnson City (TN). We will be there for you every step of your journey towards better hearing.

Tweak OTC Hearing Aids – you can trust the doctor.

What exactly is an in-ear sound amplifier?

Between PSAP’sear amplifiershearing amplifiers, or personal ear amplifiers, these terms are interchangeable and are used to distinguish between these products and hearing aids.
PSAP is the official term recognized by the FDA, while “hearing amplifier” is more of a generic descriptive term.

Personal sound amplifiers are electronic devices that are available over-the counter, can be used to enhance hearing or counteract gradual hearing loss. You can customize your PSAP device to meet your individual needs by boosting the volume of certain frequencies or can help with noise cancellation depending on your needs.

With Tweak products, you customize to suit you.

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Who can benefit the most from an ear amplifier?

In-ear sound amplifiers are an affordable option for people who have hearing challenges and don’t yet need a costly hearing aid.

The following are the people who generally benefit most:

  • Those with minor hearing impairments  
  • People who have difficulty hearing in one ear
  • Seniors & the elderly
  • People who have a gradual loss of hearing due to noise in the workplace

Professionals are required to treat severe or profound hearing loss. However, sound amplifiers such as the Tweak Focus can be used by people with more subtle hearing challenges – which is around 70% of those who experience some kind of hearing challenge.

Tweak OTC Hearing Aids Testimonials

Why Tweak Hearing Amplification Products?

Better Hearing

You’ll never miss a moment again! In-ear Sound Amplifiers will improve your hearing so you’ll never miss a moment again.

Ease of Access

An easy, over-the-counter solution to improve your hearing. Other products require a prescription.


Self-adjustable to optimize your hearing ANYWHERE. Other products need a doctor or audiologist to adjust.

No Waiting

No Rx needed; we SHIP TO YOU RIGHT AWAY! Other products need multiple office visits and long wait times.


Under $500, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Plus 30-Days to Assure It Works!) Other products start around $2500, and refund policies vary.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. The terms are interchangeable and are used to distinguish between these products and hearing aids.  PSAP is the official term recognized by the FDA, while “hearing amplifier” is more of a generic descriptive term.

High-quality ear amplifiers share many technological features with their prescription counterparts. The difference is, they are available over the counter. Ear amplifiers are similar to reading glasses. You can go to a drug store and try on different reading glasses to see which works best without the involvement of a professional. The Tweak Focus, for instance, offers several preset algorithms which you can try with a click of a button to see which works best for you.

Typically, batteries will last for 5-7 days – we also have rechargeable options available.

Those with severe and profound hearing loss will need to see professionals for a solution, but sound amplifiers like the Tweak Focus will help individuals who have more minor types of hearing challenges – which is about 70% of people who are experiencing some form of hearing challenge.

Some do. Our Focus model has a setting to eliminate background noise which can be easily turned on or off in a situation like a restaurant. A second microphone is enabled which focuses sound similar to the way blinders work on a horse. When you leave that environment, the amplifier can be set back to omnidirectional with the touch of a button.

Some do. The Tweak Focus has a feedback cancellation chip in it which allows for the open-ear fit, which is more comfortable for most users. It also has an easy manual volume control which gives the wearer the freedom to adjust the amplifier on-the-go.

Studies have shown that the average person waits seven years before addressing hearing issues. This is mostly due to cost, which is one of the reasons over-the-counter amplifiers have become so popular.


No. The government has said that you do not have to see a professional to obtain a hearing amplifier or PSAP. They can be purchased over-the-counter or online with no involvement from an audiologist.

No, many people wear hearing amplifiers in certain situations which call for assistance but don’t use them in other environments.

We can’t speak for all hearing amplifiers, but the return rate for our product is 10%. The average return rate for a hearing aid fitted by a professional, by contrast, is 27%. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days after purchase.

Some do. Ours come with a six-month manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers any defect in material or faulty production, specifically excluding batteries, domes, and tubes.

Some do. Our Tweak Focus+T features telecoil technology which allows you to hear better on the telephone or connect to a loop system.

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