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The Tweak Difference

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  • Self-Adjustable to Optimize Your Hearing ANYWHERE
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About Tweak

Tweak hearing products offer a range of features and prices, and are ideal for just about everyone – from those needing simple to use but high quality amplification to those needing more help and wishing to have more control over their personal sound. Tweak products contain the same components found in high-end hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars: digital amplification, high-end feedback cancellers, microphones, speakers, and bio-compatible plastics. They also incorporate a digital volume control to give you even more flexibility in different environments. If you hear but don’t understand, it may be time to Tweak your hearing.

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What Our Customers Say...

The quality and size of Tweak is impressive

I was pleasantly surprised, zero background noise easy to set up, very clean sound. The quality and size of Tweak is impressive. Thank you.

Prompt and Smooth Delivery

I want to add a note to thank you for your prompt and smooth delivery and the product’s performance. My mother is thrilled with her Tweak! She says it is so light to wear and the amplification sounds so natural to her.

The hearing amplifiers I purchased from you are outstanding!

It is a pleasure to have normal hearing again. I have previously had a $3500 and $5000 pair of hearing aids. This is the first time in decades that I have normal hearing. The choice of directional hearing makes the difference. Thanks.

Much Better Than Prescription Hearing Aids

This seller gave faultless service. I actually bought three. I was so happy with this $250 amplifier that when I left the first one at a hotel, I then bought two more in case I lost another. On two occasions, I have tried the $4-5,000 versions. I like this one much better! If I lose these, I will buy three next time!

Working Out Nicely

My order was processed in record time. I only just put it into service, and I think it will work out nicely. I like the unit, and it’s very comfortable but having had many experiences with similar units, I will delay comments on reliability and service for a while. From other’s comments, however, I expect to be satisfied on all counts.

My Tweaks Are a Blessing!

I am so happy with my decision to try your product. I can hear so well, without extraneous noises, and it sounds so natural. I just wanted to say thank you. My Tweaks are a blessing!