The 4 Best Hearing Amplifiers for 2023

When your hearing is somewhere in between ‘normal’ and ‘in need of hearing aids’, life can be tricky. It’s frustrating that you can’t quite hear as well as you’d like to, but expensive hearing aids just aren’t an option. That’s where hearing amplifiers come in. These can enhance your hearing and considerably improve your quality of life, without having a considerable impact on your wallet. But there are so many out there— which one should you choose?

This page explores four different types of hearing amplifiers by Tweak Hearing, and points out the pros and cons of each one so you can find the right one for you. For further information or to purchase a hearing amplifier, contact our team at Tweak Hearing today.

The 4 Best Hearing Amplifiers for 2023


Tweak Hearing has a wide range of hearing amplifiers available, all equipping you with the ability to control your personal sound. All are designed by Dr. Daniel Schumaier, who has over 50 years of experience in audiology, and are made by a US company with our team based in Johnson City, TN.
Whether you’re looking for budget or a hearing amplifier with all the bells and whistles, Tweak Hearing has the product for you.


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The Most Affordable:
The Tweak


The Tweak is our most affordable option, but that doesn’t make it any less effective than its brothers and sisters! Using patented ClickFIT® technology, the device allows you to decide which setting works best for you, and is incredibly easy to set up and use. It comes in champagne and graphite color options, and the price ranges from $225 to $449.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Available in 2 colors, champagne or graphite


  • Less customization available than other options


The Most Popular:
The Tweak Focus +T


Available in metallic grey or beige, the Tweak Focus +T is our most popular option. It comes equipped with four different ‘fitting profiles’, which are our custom amplification settings. With the preferred fitting profile, you can find the one you like the most and listen to the gently crashing waves, the sounds of your favorite music, or simply hear your friend next to you without asking them to repeat themselves! The popular Tweak Focus +T comes in between $275 and $549


  • Four different fitting profiles for customization
  • Available in 2 colors, metallic gray or beige


  • Slightly higher price point


The Tweak ReFocus

    At $549, the Tweak ReFocus is exactly what you’ve been searching for: a pair of devices that encompasses an easy to use, high performance hearing product that will deliver the sounds you want to hear straight into your ears. And to sweeten the deal further: it’s rechargeable! The ClickFIT® technology allows for a customized fit which gives you the best performance and therefore, a high amount of satisfaction. With five different fitting profiles, you take charge of your hearing instead of letting somebody guess what would work best for you. The Tweak ReFocus lasts for 30 continuous hours on a single charge, meaning you can have days of clear hearing ahead of you without needing to charge your device.


    • Rechargeable
    • Five different fitting profiles
    • Available in two colors, beige and gray


    • One of the more expensive options


    Most Sophisticated:
    The Tweak Enhance


    A great option for anybody who needs a little more assistance with their hearing, the Tweak Enhance is our most sophisticated solution. It comes with rechargeable batteries so you can rest assured you won’t miss out on the second half of the show or be left out halfway through a conversation. Not only that, it also comes with a free smart phone app! The app lets you find the sound that suits you, your hearing, and your lifestyle the best. Using U-Choose™ customization, the Tweak Enhance has four listening modes: Conversation, Restaurant, Traffic, and Outdoor, and comes as a single device or a pair. It ranges in price from $350 to $699.


    • Rechargeable
    • Smart phone app
    • Four listening modes


    • Only available in 1 color, beige


    Looking for the Hearing Amplifier
    That Will Suit You Best?


    If you’ve been looking for a hearing amplifier but were left puzzled by the many different options available, we hope this page has helped you in your decision!

    Whether the Tweak, Focus+T, ReFocus, or Enhance take your fancy, they’re all available at our website.

    To get your hearing to where you’d like it to be, contact us at Tweak Hearing today.

    Choose The Tweak Personal Sound Amplifier That’s Right For You!

    The Tweak both colors

    The Tweak
    Hearing Amplifier
    Our Easiest & Most
    Affordable Option

    $449.00 per pair

    Tweak Focus+T photo

    Tweak Focus+T
    Hearing Amplifier

    Our Most Popular

    $549.00 per pair

    Tweak Focus+T photo

    Tweak ReFocus
    Hearing Amplifier
    Our Rechargeable

    $549.00 per pair

    TweakConnect Closeout Sale

    Tweak Connect
    Hearing Amplifier
    App Control

    $599.00 per pair

    Tweak Enhance device

    Tweak Enhance
    Hearing Amplifier
    Our Most Sophisticated

    $699.00 per pair

    How do Tweak PSAP’s compare with hearing aids?

    High quality PSAPs share many technological features with their prescription counterparts. The difference is, they are available over the counter. PSAPs are similar to reading glasses. You can go to a drug store and try on different reading glasses to see which works best without the involvement of a professional. The Tweak Focus, for instance, offers several preset algorithms which you can try with a click of a button to see which works best for you. 

    tweak psap comparison

    What Our Customers Say…

    The quality and size of Tweak is impressive

    I was pleasantly surprised, zero background noise easy to set up, very clean sound. The quality and size of Tweak is impressive. Thank you.

    Gary from Washington

    Prompt and Smooth Delivery

    I want to add a note to thank you for your prompt and smooth delivery and the product’s performance. My mother is thrilled with her Tweak! She says it is so light to wear and the amplification sounds so natural to her.

    Eileen from California

    The hearing amplifiers I purchased from you are outstanding!

    It is a pleasure to have normal hearing again. I have previously had a $3500 and $5000 pair of hearing aids. This is the first time in decades that I have normal hearing. The choice of directional hearing makes the difference. Thanks.

    Richard from Texas

    Much Better Than Prescription Hearing Aids

    This seller gave faultless service. I actually bought three. I was so happy with this $250 amplifier that when I left the first one at a hotel, I then bought two more in case I lost another. On two occasions, I have tried the $4-5,000 versions. I like this one much better! If I lose these, I will buy three next time!

    David from Alabama

    Working Out Nicely

    My order was processed in record time. I only just put it into service, and I think it will work out nicely. I like the unit, and it’s very comfortable but having had many experiences with similar units, I will delay comments on reliability and service for a while. From other’s comments, however, I expect to be satisfied on all counts.

    Rockwood from New York

    My Tweaks Are a Blessing!

    I am so happy with my decision to try your product. I can hear so well, without extraneous noises, and it sounds so natural. I just wanted to say thank you. My Tweaks are a blessing!

    Adrienne from Washington

    Why Tweak Personal Sound Amplification Products?

    Better Hearing

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    Ease of Access

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    Self-adjustable to optimize your hearing anytime, anywhere.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do personal sound amplifiers differ from hearing aids?

    High quality PSAPs share many technological features with their prescription counterparts. The difference is, they are available over the counter. PSAPs are similar to reading glasses. You can go to a drug store and try on different reading glasses to see which works best without the involvement of a professional. The Tweak Focus, for instance, offers several preset algorithms which you can try with a click of a button to see which works best for you.

    What is the battery life for a personal sound amplifier?

    Typically, batteries will last for 5-7 days – we also have rechargeable options available.

    Do personal sound amplifiers work for people with all types of hearing challenges?

    Those with severe and profound hearing loss will need to see professionals for a solution., but PSAPs like the Tweak Focus will help individuals who have more minor types of hearing challenges – which is about 70% of people who are experiencing some form of hearing challenge.

    Do personal sound amplifiers offer directionally-focused functionality?

    Some do. Our Focus model has a setting to eliminate background noise which can be easily turned on or off in a situation like a restaurant. A second microphone is enabled which focuses sound similar to the way blinders work on a horse. When you leave that environment, the amplifier can be set back to omnidirectional with the touch of a button.

    Do personal sound amplifiers offer volume control and feedback cancellation?

    Some do. The Tweak Focus has a feedback cancellation chip in it which allows for the open-ear fit, which is more comfortable for most users. It also has an easy manual volume control which gives the wearer the freedom to adjust the amplifier on-the-go.

    Do you have to see a hearing professional to get a personal sound amplifier?

    No. The government has said that you do not have to see a professional to obtain a hearing amplifier or PSAP. They can be purchased over-the-counter or online with no involvement from an audiologist.

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