The Top 4 Affordable Hearing Aid Alternatives

The Top 4 Affordable Hearing Aid Alternatives

When you’re having difficulty hearing, it can be an isolating experience. You may find that it’s easier to not talk with anybody, so you don’t have to ask others to repeat themselves or miss out on hearing conversations altogether. Not only does this put you at a disadvantage socially, but it can even contribute to eventual health issues such as difficulty walking, maintaining balance, and even dementia. But don’t fear: Hearing aid alternatives are here.

This blog talks about the alternatives to hearing aids that are currently on the market, and describes how they work and who they can benefit. To find out more or for personalized advice, contact our knowledgeable team at Tweak Hearing today.

When You Don’t Need Hearing Aids, But Do Need Something to Help: Hearing Aid Alternatives

You know that John Fogerty is singing “there’s a bad moon on the rise” but you hear “there’s a bathroom on the right”, it can indicate your hearing may not be what it used to be. You’ve been to an audiologist and talked to your doctor, they tell you that you don’t need hearing aids. But you’re still frustrated you can’t hear the babbling of a brook as clearly as before, or embarrassed about constantly mishearing your friend over dinner. Luckily, there are alternatives to hearing aids that can help you hear more clearly and improve your quality of life.

1. Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAPs)

Improving your hearing can be a journey, and personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs) are the first stop for many people. These products are available over-the-counter and can assist people with common hearing difficulties. PSAPs contain a microphone, receiver, and amplifier, and are worn over the ear.

Many, such as Tweak Hearing’s products, are small and discreet, allowing you to use them unbeknownst to others. They can also be customizable— for example, the Tweak Enhance has four listening modes including conversation, restaurant, traffic, and outdoor, so you can select the most suitable setting and adjust it as you move throughout your day. PSAPs are especially helpful in loud environments such as concerts, lectures, or during dinner at a busy restaurant.

2. TV Listening Systems

Another hearing aid alternative that is simple to buy and use is a TV listening system. When you’re watching TV alone you’re free to have the volume as high as you like, but when you’re watching with others, the volume can be a source of contention.

TV listening systems such as wireless TV headphones and EarTech TV Audio are assistive listening devices that allow you to choose the volume for yourself. Meanwhile, the TV’s regular audio output remains on a standard volume for the people you’re watching with. A transmitter base plugs into the headphone jack of the TV, which then wirelessly sends the audio signals to the headphones.

3. Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps to assist with hearing are typically available for Android and Apple users. Some apps essentially act as remote controls to increase volume by wirelessly syncing with audio devices. This helps to reduce background noise and enhance speech. Others, such as speech-to-text apps, allow you to transcribe audio into text so that you can read rather than listen.

4. Non-Technological Solutions

In addition to great technological advances, the tried and true methods still remain. Communication strategies such as making sure those around you know to speak louder, enunciate, and face you while speaking can go a long way. It’s also a good idea to meet others in quiet spaces rather than a noisy café or echoey boardroom wherever possible.

Looking For Affordable Hearing Aid Alternatives?

If you’re experiencing more than just an occasional challenge with your hearing, we understand this can be difficult for you in many ways. At Tweak Hearing we offer multiple PSAP devices including over the counter hearing aids to assist you to hear more clearly, so you can hear the birds, your TV, and conversations with friends with greater clarity. To get started on your journey to clearer hearing, contact our knowledgeable team by calling us toll-free on 1-888-815-3240 or browse the shop to find the right device for you.

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