Hearing Amplifiers for the Elderly – How Can Tweak Products Can Help

Hearing Amplifiers for the Elderly – How Can Tweak Products Can Help

Do you struggle to hear the blissful sounds of bird calls more than you used to? Contributing more “excuse me?” and “Sorry?” to conversations than you’d like? Many more people understand your frustration than you’d think. Approximately 15% of adults in the US report having trouble hearing, and within those aged 70 and older who could benefit from using hearing aids, only 30% ever have. We can do better! With today’s tech advances there’s a large range of products available, including Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs), which help you get back into those conversations and feeling like yourself again.

This blog discusses what Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) are, how they can help, and the hidden dangers of hearing loss. For personalized advice, contact our friendly and helpful team at Tweak Hearing today.

The Effects of Hearing Loss

A decline in your hearing is annoying at best and can lead to much more serious issues. Research shows that even moderate hearing loss can contribute to walking problems, falls, and even dementia.

Hearing loss affects the inner ear, which works to control balance. This means experiencing hearing loss can increase the risk of falls and difficulties walking. It also contributes to social isolation as those hard of hearing become embarrassed by having to ask people to repeat themselves. They also struggle to hear conversation amongst others in the group, leaving them to feel left out. Without reaching out for assistance, people with hearing loss tend to withdraw socially. This can lead to depression and an overall decline in mental health.

What Are Personal Sound Amplification Products?

You’d be forgiven for mistaking Personal Sound Amplification Products for hearing aids. However, there are core differences. Hearing aids are prescribed by audiologists, and are used by those with severe or profound hearing loss. PSAPs share many similar features to hearing aids but are available over-the-counter, meaning no trips to an audiologist required.
Tweak hearing amplifier products contain many of the same technologies that hearing aids use.

Personal Sound Amplifiers

Personal Sound Amplifiers work similarly to a hearing aid in that they go over the ear, but are small and discreet. Tweak’s Focus+T PSAP comes in metallic gray and beige, giving you options to suit your style. Nearly invisible and very comfortable, they can be worn all day or just when required.

They’re especially helpful in improving hearing in noisy environments like restaurants, parties, and other group settings. They also help at home when having a conversation with a loved one, eliminating many of those “Pardon?”s.

TV and Telephone Amplifiers

Another type of Personal Sound Amplifiers are devices that help with hearing the TV or people on the telephone. These allow you to watch TV with others so that you can hear easily, but anybody you’re watching with can still listen at a comfortable level for them.

Amplified telephones are another option, as are amplifiers that can be added to your existing handset. These allow you to adjust the volume, and can come with flashing indicators to alert you to incoming calls.

How Can Tweak’s Personal Sound Amplification Products Help Me?

Led by a PhD audiologist with 50 years of experience, the team behind Tweak products has deep expertise in listening to customers about what they need help with, and we believe we have created a range of Personal Sound Amplification Products to do just that.

Our most popular option is the Tweak Focus+T Hearing Amplifier. It is a digital personal sound amplifier that uses patented technology, with four different ‘fitting profiles’ to select from. This allows you to customize your amplification settings to best suit your needs.

Another fantastic option is the Tweak Hearing Amplifier. Our easiest to use and most affordable option, The Tweak uses ClikFIT® technology to help with your hearing while giving you the ability to choose the setting that provides the most benefit. And like all Tweak products, it is built to the highest quality standards with multiple settings to choose from.

If you’re dealing with hearing loss on your own, we hope this article has helped to show you the many different options available to help. To get your hearing back on track, call us toll-free on 1-888-815-3240 or send us an inquiry.

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