How Can Hearing Amplifiers Help Your Hearing?

How Can Hearing Amplifiers Help Your Hearing?

As we age, our ability to hear tends to decrease. It’s common in older adults, including those without any diagnosed hearing-related condition. In fact, one in three people in the US aged between 65 and 74 have some degree of hearing difficulty. This rises with age, as nearly half of Americans over 75 years of age have difficulty hearing. But you don’t need to be one of them!

This blog explores how hearing amplifiers can help those who have difficulty hearing, regardless of their age. For personalized advice or to find out more about hearing amplifiers, contact our team at Tweak Hearing today.

What Are Hearing Amplifiers?

It’s a frustrating experience when you can’t quite hear like you used to, but not to the extent that you need hearing aids. You feel embarrassed consistently needing to ask people to repeat themselves when you’re talking one on one or in a group. It can be bad enough at home or walking down a quiet street with a loved one, so you can’t bear the thought of a concert or party. And eating dinner in a lively restaurant with colleagues or a date? Forget it.

But don’t forget it— get it. Hearing amplifiers, that is. Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs), also known as hearing amplifiers, may just be the perfect in-between product you’ve been looking for. Small and discreet, they sit above your ear to help you adjust the volume and frequency of sounds all around you.

With hearing loss leading to an increased risk of falls, trouble with walking and coordination, and even dementia, it’s best to nip hearing issues in the bud as soon as you can. There’s no need to suffer in silence or withdraw from socializing when you can use PSAPs to amplify your hearing.

How Can Hearing Amplifiers Help the Hearing Impaired?

While PSAPs do turn up the volume, that’s not all they do. PSAP devices can help with both recognized hearing challenges and with some situations that you may not have even considered.

1. Adjustable Frequencies

Some people may have no issues with hearing voices and sounds at lower volumes, but the frequency can make the sound come across as distorted. This can happen when sounds reach certain frequencies that the person can’t register. When a sound frequency simply doesn’t register, the volume of that frequency is irrelevant. PSAPs allow you to adjust them to increase amplification where you need it and not where you don’t.

2. Setting Selection

Additionally, there are technologies that help the PSAP user adapt to different noise levels within different settings. For instance, the Tweak Focus+T allows you to choose the fitting profile that works best for you— just set it and forget it. Noise reduction helps to increase the sounds you want to hear while reducing background noise. Select from Quiet mode or Noisy mode depending on whether you’re listening to an audiobook at the library, or grabbing a coffee at a busy café during the lunch rush.

The Tweak Enhance also comes with U-Choose™ customization so you can personalize it as much as possible. It comes with four listening modes including conversation, restaurant, traffic, and outdoor, in addition to directional microphones.

3. Directional Microphones

Directional microphones help the user focus the sound on their conversational partner and tune out noise coming from those around them. This way, you can hear more of the people you’re dining with and less of the clanking and clanging of dishes in the nearby kitchen.

4. Telecoil Capability

Telecoil capability allows you to connect with a hearing loop when the technology is available, such as in concert halls, theaters, or places of worship. In such settings, you can receive clean and clear audio signal directly into your ear through your PSAP device.

Interested in Hearing Amplifiers?

Tweak products have been designed and developed by a team led by our owner and founder; a PhD audiologist with over 50 years of experience in the industry. That’s how we’ve come to create our easy to set up, easy to use, and modifiable range of PSAPs. Not only are they adjustable and easy to use, they’re also very discreet and customizable so you can hear more of what you want to, and less of what you don’t.
For further information on Tweak hearing amplifier products, call us toll-free on 1-888-815-3240 or browse our shop for the right device for you.

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