How Telecoils Work On Different Types Of Telephones

How Telecoils Work On Different Types Of Telephones

Have you decided that a hearing device will help you take part in conversations with your loved ones, to follow those fast-paced work meetings, to feel safer when crossing the road? Have you investigated which will help your lifestyle and budget best? And are now wondering, how do I get the most out of a hearing device when it comes to different types of sounds, like a telephone?

The speaker of most mobile or landline phones does not line up with the microphone within a hearing device. This means the voice on the other end is difficult to hear, if at all. Differing processing algorithms often result in a ‘tinny’ sound, and background noise can also decrease the clarity of the call.

An effective method to improve the experience of using a phone with a hearing device in place is the addition of a telecoil. These useful components can make a significant difference to the sound quality of a phone call. At Tweak Hearing, we can help you choose a hearing device that suits you best, including how to get the most out of its design.

What Is A Telecoil?

Many hearing devices include the component called a telecoil. It is akin to a small antenna. It consists of a magnetic coil of wire, which is placed inside of the hearing device.

A telecoil picks up electromagnetic signals from the phone, and then converts these into sounds, which are streamed directly into the ear. This decreases background noise and improves the clarity of the phone call.

When using a telecoil, it is most effective to have the hearing device programmed so that the microphone is turned off to maximize the telecoil’s function and allow for the adjustment of volume. Telecoils usually need to be activated before use.

Does My Hearing Device Have A Telecoil?

Most hearing aids and some other hearing assistant options have a telecoil included in their design. This is especially true of larger devices, whereas smaller types with limited space may not have a telecoil. If this is a feature you wish to have, it is important to assess whether the aid you are looking at consists of this component.

Will My Phone Work With A Telecoil Component?

Many different types of phones are compatible with hearing devices these days. It is important to discuss this with retailers when you’re in the market for a new phone. If you already have a phone with no plans to change for some time, chat with us and we can help you check whether it will work with our amplifiers.

Generally, a phone that is compatible with a telecoil will have a T rating. When assessing the T rating, you may notice there is a range from one to four. This indicates the quality of the compatibility, with four being the best. There are many phones today that are rated T4.

Do Tweak Hearing’s Affordable Hearing Devices Have Telecoils?

Yes! Our Tweak Focus+T is a unique digital personal sound amplifier that uses patented technology to allow for the choice of four different ‘fitting profiles’. These are custom amplification settings, so you can select which option will best suit your requirements and lifestyle.

When you have decided which fitting profile gives you the most effective hearing experience, it is simply locked in to easily maintain that setting. You can then alternate between Quiet mode or Noisy mode. In addition, there is the ability to access the benefits of a telecoil.

You No Longer Need To Strain To Hear Phone Conversations

Telephone calls are a prominent part of modern life. Not being able to use a phone can be isolating. It can also be an issue when it comes to safety if you need assistance in an emergency. Attempting to use a phone with or without a hearing device when you have hearing difficulties can make for a frustrating, exhausting experience in which you miss out on a lot of what is being said.

However, technology now allows for the ability to use a phone with less issues. Telecoils are fantastic components that can really make a difference. And the great news is, they are not restricted to the more expensive hearing aid options. Tweak Hearing stocks more affordable hearing amplifiers, which are quick and easy to acquire and set up and can include telecoils.

Get in touch with us to discuss your options and discover the exciting benefits of telecoils.

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