Choosing the Right Hearing Amplifier for Your Hearing Needs

Choosing the Right Hearing Amplifier for Your Hearing Needs

If you’ve noticed that it gets harder and harder to hear people talking, especially in noisy environments, you might have been encouraged to look for a PSAP (personal sound amplification product) or hearing amplifier. But where do you begin your search for the perfect device? Between basic a hearing amplifier and prescription hearing aids, the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming. If your hearing issues are still fairly mild, you can certainly start looking at over-the-counter Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAP) as opposed to more expensive prescription-only hearing aids.

Comparing hearing aids and PSAP devices

Gradual hearing loss is common in older adults – nearly a third of adults over 65 are affected by some level of hearing loss, and that number increases to about half for adults 75 and over. However, not everyone is affected by hearing loss in the same way. Many older folks have only mild or moderate hearing difficulty that can make it difficult to hear speech and hold conversations. Many with these kinds of issues may benefit from over-the-counter PSAP devices, which can be purchased without a prescription or audiologist consultation.

Severe or profound hearing loss is less common but must be treated by a specialist. Older adults with long-term exposure to high noise levels are especially at risk for this kind of hearing loss. Severe and profound hearing loss can cause trouble hearing any conversation, make sounds muffled or inaudible, and even cause pain in the ears and dizziness. If you have this kind of hearing loss it should be treated with prescription hearing aids professionally designed by an audiologist.

PSAP Advantages

If you’ve determined that your hearing difficulty isn’t severe enough for a prescription hearing aid, a hearing amplifier / PSAP like the Tweak Focus could be the alternative you’re looking for.

  • They’re inexpensive: the Tweak Focus starts at $299 versus $1,000 up to $4,000 for a hearing aid.
  • They’re available over-the-counter: you can purchase a PSAP without a doctor or audiologist consultation.
  • They’re flexible: prescription hearing aids must be customized and adjusted by an audiologist, while the Tweak Focus can be adjusted as needed by the wearer.
  • They’re readily available: you can purchase a PSAP without waiting for an appointment or the time needed to build and customize a hearing aid.

Tweak: The customizable hearing amplifier for any situation

If you think you’re ready to try a PSAP, give the Tweak Focus a try free for 30 days with a no-risk trial! Tweak technology is the only digital personal sound amplification product with specialized patented technology with three amplification modes to best suit any situation – a setting for quiet environments, one for noisy ones, and a telecoil mode for direct use with a telephone. Tweak is even designed to “remember” your favorite setting. The digital volume control and 12-band equalizer let you tailor the perfect setting so you never miss those important moments again.

Tweak Hearing products are designed and programmed in the United States.

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