Hearing amplifier questions we get the most.

Hearing amplifier questions we get the most

Are hearing amplifiers and Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) the same thing? Yes. The terms are interchangeable and are used to distinguish between these products and hearing aids. PSAP is the official term recognized by the FDA, while “hearing amplifier” is more of a generic descriptive term.

How do hearing amplifiers differ from hearing aids? High quality PSAPs share many technological features with their prescription counterparts. The difference is, they are available over the counter. PSAPs are similar to reading glasses. You can go to a drug store and try on different reading glasses to see which works best without the involvement of a professional. The Tweak Focus, for instance, offers several preset algorithms which you can try with a click of a button to see which works best for you.

What is the battery life for a hearing amplifier? Typically, batteries will last for 5-7 days. 

Do hearing amplifiers work for people with all types of hearing challenges? Those with severe and profound hearing loss will need to see professionals for a solution., but PSAPs like the Tweak Focus will help individuals who have more minor types of hearing challenges – which is about 70% of people who are experiencing some form of hearing challenge .

Do hearing amplifiers offer directionally-focused functionality? Some do. Our Focus model has a setting to eliminate background noise which can be easily turned on or off in a situation like a restaurant. A second microphone is enabled which focuses sound similar to the way blinders work on a horse. When you leave that environment, the amplifier can be set back to omnidirectional with the touch of a button.

Do hearing amplifiers offer volume control and feedback cancellation? Some do. The Tweak Focus has a feedback cancellation chip in it which allows for the open-ear fit, which is more comfortable for most users. It also has an easy manual volume control which gives the wearer the freedom to adjust the amplifier on-the-go.

What colors do hearing amplifiers come in? Many amplifiers or PSAPs are available in several colors to make them less noticeable. The Tweak Focus comes in metallic gray and beige. Most choose the color which most closely matches their hair.

Why do people wait so long to get help for hearing issues? Studies have shown that the average person waits seven years before addressing hearing issues. This is mostly due to cost, which is one of the reasons over-the-counter amplifiers have become so popular.

Do you have to see a hearing professional to get a hearing amplifier? No. The government has said that you do not have to see a professional to obtain a hearing amplifier or PSAP. They can be purchased over-the-counter or online with no involvement from an audiologist.

Do hearing amplifiers need to be worn all day? No, many people wear hearing amplifiers in certain situations which call for assistance but don’t use them in other environments.

What is the average return rate for hearing amplifiers? We can’t speak for all hearing amplifiers, but the return rate for our product is 10%. The average return rate for a hearing aid fitted by a professional, by contrast, is 27%. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days after purchase.

In what situations are hearing amplifiers most effective? Hearing amplifiers can be helpful in almost any situation, but here are a few of the most common environments where they can have the greatest benefit:

  • Group settings
  • Lecture halls
  • Religious services
  • Parties
  • Restaurants
  • TV/Radio
  • Children’s voices
  • Bird watching
  • Public gathering places
  • Concert halls

Do hearing amplifiers come with a manufacturer’s warranty? Some do. Ours come with a six-month manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers any defect in material or faulty production, specifically excluding batteries, domes, and tubes.

Do hearing amplifiers help you hear phone conversations better? Some do. Our Tweak Focus+T features telecoil technology which allows you to hear better on the telephone or connect to a loop system

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