Hearing Amplifier Reviews

Losing hearing is something that a large portion of us struggle with while aging, but there is something that we can do about it! Several satisfied customers have been telling us how awesome of a difference that our hearing amplifiers reviews are just a small testament to the relief that our products have been able to provide.

I hear so well now.

I purchased my Tweak Hearing amplifiers about six days ago and received them two days ago. I had purchased approximately six different hearing aids only to be disappointed. I am so thrilled with these Tweak amplifiers and the service I received from Deanna in customer support. She helped me set them up, and they are wonderful. I hear so well I now known what I have been missing for so long.

Thank you, Tweak for the amplifiers.

Michael from Utah

Tweak is the best low cost amplifier for sure!

I am a singer and a voice coach. Because of a mishap in the recording studio, extremely loud feedback came directly into my ears. I instinctively threw the headphones across the room but the damage was done. It has been a slow steady decline of my hearing, and eventually, I began the long path of finding an inexpensive, good hearing aid. I tried so many hearing devices. I also spent several thousand on name brand hearing aids once. I had to save for over a year. These expensive hearing aids were too strange, as everyone sounded like they were talking through their nose. It was an extremely digital sound, and there was also a constant sound that I had to listen beyond. I am a voice coach, and I need to hear a natural voice. Finally, after several years of stress and trying to find an affordable, useful aid, I found the Tweak Focus. This is the best low cost amplifier for sure! Also, the ability to get rid of background sounds is wonderful, especially in a restaurant and on a busy street. Even the expensive aids do not give you such an easy ability to make this change. I am not into carrying a remote control with me for my hearing needs. The Tweak amplifier gave me the chance to simply live again. I still have to stand close to people and I often let them know I have troubles with my hearing but that was also the case with the expensive aid. I have come to accept the limitations of my own lack of hearing and what a low cost aid can offer. I simply communicate with folks without making a big deal about it butI can hear them when at a realistic distance. I have told many people about the Tweak Focus and they have always thanked me for ending their search for an affordable, good hearing device. I also very much appreciate their kind customer service. Tweak Focus is a good choice!

Dolli from California

No feedback and a much clearer sound.

My 92 -year-old mother-in-law Shirley said she was having trouble hearing. I told her about my Tweak hearing amplifiers versus the very costly hearing aids and also Wonder Ear hearing amplifiers.

I have a pair of Wonder Ears, and I put some new tips on them and my Tweaks for her to compare. She noted the Wonder Ears were very loud, even on the lowest setting (not necessarily bad) and the ringing feedback was quite problematic. Then we tried the Tweaks, and she immediately liked them much more. No feedback and a much clearer sound, which is my assessment also. She can also handle the batteries much better than the microscopic A10’s for the Wonder Ear. We ordered the Tweaks immediately. Thank you so much for your great product, the Tweak hearing amplifier. Just an added note. I play acoustic guitar and the guitars sound weird through the Wonder Ears and much nicer through the Tweaks.

Henry from Huntington Beach

The sound is clear, crisp, and just perfect.

About 7-8 years ago I knew I needed hearing aids in order to continue working in a hospital. Went to an Audiologist, found out I had significant loss in the higher tone ranges. I was fitted with $6000 behind the ear hearing aids that were bigger, bulkier, and not as comfortable as these Tweak amplifiers. Plus they had a fitted set of vented “domes” that completely filled my ear canal.

They were horribly uncomfortable and drove me crazy. Every little noise at work was amplified as if two railroad boxcars had smashed together right in front of me. I could hardly wait to get in my car after finishing my shift and yank them out of my ears , Sometimes I had to just sit in silence for several minutes to “decompress”. I hated them.

Since they were essential to my work I also bought a pair if OTC “hearing aids” online for about $300 as spares and was chagrined to find out they worked almost as well as my expensive ones, although they were also bulky and had uncomfortable domes.

After retiring five years ago I just stopped wearing my hearing aids, but my poor wife suffered as she had to repeat everything she said to me at least once, and we found it necessary to both almost shout to each other, her because she had to for me to hear, and me because it just came with not hearing myself talk well enough to realize I was speaking so loudly. Life became increasingly less fun as I could not hear conversations with friends or understand my grandsons, but I just dreaded wearing those hearing aids.

I started looking at OTC hearing aids again several months ago in the hope that I could find something that worked for me at a reasonable price. I narrowed it down to three widely highly reviewed units, including these Tweak amplifiers, which got the nod because our Church now has telecoil and the Tweaks I bought are +T equipped.

Let me start talking about the Tweaks by saying that I would not now buy any unit that does not have telecoil capability. These Tweaks are just fabulous but the cherry on the icing on the cake was the first Sunday I attended Mass and heard the sermon as if it was broadcast personally to my ears from the microphone.

When the Tweaks came several days after I ordered them (thanks for the fast delivery!) I was amazed at how small, light, and comfortable they were. I was skeptical that such a little unit could work well, and also was certain that I’d have to install the domes and suffer having them in my ear canal for the units to work well. But I was wrong on all counts. The minute I slipped them in my ears (they almost install themselves it’s so easy) and heard my wife’s clear, beautiful voice again for the first time in maybe ten years I was thrilled that I bought them.

I have now worn them for about two weeks and I intend to keep them and continue to enjoy the best sound amplification that I’ve had from any of the three units that I have owned. The sound is clear, crisp, and just perfect. I find that they have plenty of volume, and the “noisy environment” setting is perfect for helping to hear what needs to be heard and dampening out what doesn’t. And again, the telecoil benefit is the bomb. Batteries seem to last six or seven days, and I couldn’t be happier with these Tweak +T units, and think they are a real great value.

If you think you might benefit from something like the Tweak sound amplifier I strongly recommend that you give them a risk-free trial. I’m sure glad that I did.

Randall from Washington

Durable and Reliable

“Been almost two years now and despite my increasing loss of hearing I am still using my two Tweaks to the best advantage possible. Today was another plus. I took a nap on my sofa. Took out my Tweaks and flipped them onto the table beside the sofa. When I woke up 45 minutes later I could only find one. Later I  discovered that the other had gone into a full cup of ice cold water! Not Funny! I took it out, shook it to get the water out and laid it on a paper napkin. I put it back in 30 minutes later and it worked like a charm. However, I do not advocate washing them out like that as a daily practice.”

Victor from Georgia

I couldn’t be happier!

“I just got my new Tweak Focus and couldn’t be happier. I bought my first one in September 2014 just to see if they were worth the time, effort, and money. Unfortunately, my hearing has continued to deteriorate to the point where a second aid was needed. There was no question of what I would purchase. I asked for and got a second Focus just like my original. Your staff answered my questions, filled out my order and contacted me to make sure we had everything right. Thank you.”

Jerry from Oklahoma

Tweak Changed Mom’s Life

“Thank you for changing the life of my mom and the rest of the family as she can hear now. No more screaming.”

Gloria from Manila, Philippines

The Help I Needed at 1/10 the Cost

“Tweak has given me the hearing help I needed at 1/10 the cost of the professional hearing aid offered to me. If anything, it has shown me that a hearing amplifier actually works for me and helps me understand what people are saying. Music in my convertible is also now more enjoyable. I can hear okay without assistance. I was not up for gambling $2,000, but $250 was a reasonable risk. And Tweak works as stated.”

Dan from Pennsylvania

My Tweaks Are a Blessing!

“I am so happy with my decision to try your product. I can hear so well, without extraneous noises, and it sounds so natural. I just wanted to say thank you. My Tweaks are a blessing!”

Adrienne from Washington

Working Out Nicely

“My order was processed in record time. I only just put it into service, and I think it will work out nicely. I like the unit, and it’s very comfortable but having had many experiences with similar units, I will delay comments on reliability and service for a while. From other’s comments, however, I expect to be satisfied on all counts.”

Rockwood from New York

Much Better Than Prescription Hearing Aids

“This seller gave faultless service. I actually bought three. I was so happy with this $250 amplifier that when I left the first one at a hotel, I then bought two more in case I lost another. On two occasions, I have tried the $4-5,000 versions. I like this one much better! If I lose these, I will buy three next time!”

David from Alabama

The hearing amplifiers I purchased from you are outstanding!

“It is a pleasure to have normal hearing again. I have previously had a $3500 and $5000 pair of hearing aids. This is the first time in decades that I have normal hearing. The choice of directional hearing makes the difference. Thanks.”

Richard from Texas

Prompt and Smooth Delivery

“I want to add a note to thank you for your prompt and smooth delivery and the product’s performance. My mother is thrilled with her Tweak! She says it is so light to wear and the amplification sounds so natural to her.”

Eileen from California

The quality and size of Tweak is impressive.

“I was pleasantly surprised, zero background noise easy to set up, very clean sound. The quality and size of Tweak is impressive. Thank you.”

Gary from Washington