Vertigo and Hearing Aids: Can Hearing Aids Help Vertigo?

Vertigo and Hearing Aids: Can Hearing Aids Help Vertigo?

Vertigo is a horrible thing to experience. For many people, it leaves them unable to participate fully in the things they love most in life – struggling to stand, walk, and move without bouts of severe dizziness. Fortunately, there are treatments available depending on the cause of your vertigo. Just one of those treatments is the use of hearing aids. Continue reading as we explain what vertigo is, how your ear health could be causing your disorientation, and how the right pair of hearing aids could be your long-awaited solution.

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What is Vertigo?

To understand how hearing aids can help eliminate the effects of vertigo, it is important to first understand exactly what vertigo is. 

The phrase ‘vertigo’ refers to a specific symptom, like fatigue or nausea. It is a specific type of dizziness that can make you feel as if the world is spinning around you. People struggling with vertigo will sometimes find themselves feeling unbalanced as if they are moving or swaying even when standing still. Experiencing vertigo can be scary and extremely worrying, but it doesn’t always mean that a serious medical issue is at hand.

Episodes can last anywhere between a few minutes and a few weeks. Other symptoms may come with these bouts of vertigo, such as nausea and vomiting. Other symptoms can include feeling lightheaded, faint, losing all balance, and struggling to walk or stand. Not all dizziness is vertigo, as a doctor will be able to help determine what your symptoms are and what could be causing them.

The Connection Between Vertigo and the Inner Ear

There is a multitude of different causes and conditions that could lead to somebody experiencing vertigo. However, vertigo is often linked to problems within the inner ear. Inner ear conditions can drastically affect your balance, and problems with hearing can lead to further disorientation and dizziness such as vertigo. Here are some of the most common inner ear conditions associated with vertigo:

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV): This condition can cause brief episodes of vertigo when you make sudden movements. This is due to particles within the canals of the inner ear, and though episodes will typically be brief they can frequently return.
  • Vestibular Neuritis: Inflammation within the inner ear, often caused by viral infections, can lead to vestibular neuritis (or labyrinthitis) developing. This can cause vertigo that may last for many days straight and cause nausea.
  • Meniere’s Disease: Meniere’s disease is a result of fluid buildup in the inner ear. This condition can cause sudden episodes of vertigo that last a minimum of 20 minutes.

Medical conditions that have nothing to do with the inner ear can also cause vertigo, but these are some of the most common causes.

How Hearing Aids Can Help Vertigo

Let’s talk about hearing aids.

The function of a hearing aid is extremely straightforward. This small electronic device is worn in or behind your ear and works to eliminate or minimize hearing problems. By making certain sounds louder in the ear, the person wearing the hearing aid is able to listen and communicate more fully in their day-to-day lives. Naturally, inner ear issues that affect hearing can sometimes be treated with the use of hearing aids. As a result, plenty of people are able to say goodbye to vertigo by getting the right pair of hearing aids on their side.

Balance disorder patients can have their hearing loss symptoms treated through hearing aids, but dizziness can be directly eliminated as well. This is because hearing aids work to equalize hearing in both ears. By relieving discomfort or unbalanced volume levels between the ears, vertigo and other bouts of dizziness can be eliminated.

Take Care of Your Vertigo With Tweak Hearing

Often, people are shocked to realize how dynamic hearing aids are. Various different conditions and levels of hearing loss can be treated with the use of a high-quality pair of hearing aids. If your vertigo could be eliminated with the right pair of hearing aids, Tweak Hearing is ready to help. Our team cares about making great hearing aid support as readily available as possible. Let us help you get back to fully participating in your daily life – contact us today to inquire about our hearing aid range.

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