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If you hear but don’t understand, it may be time to tweak your hearing!

Tweak is the only digital personal sound amplification product using specialized patented technology that lets you select from among three ranges of amplification, plus remembers what level of amplification you like best. It also incorporates a digital volume control to give you even more flexibility in different environments.

Designed and programmed in the United States.


Do you occasionally strain to hear conversations?

Do you occasionally ask others to repeat what they said?

Would you like to hear better in any of these situations?

  • Group settings
  • Lecture halls
  • Religious services
  • Parties
  • Restaurants
  • TV/Radio
  • Children’s voices
  • Bird watching
  • Public gathering places
  • Concert halls

If you have answered yes to any one of these, a PSAP may be appropriate for you.

Do you have or have you ever been treated for the following:

  • Bleeding/draining from either ear
  • Hearing loss associated with head trauma
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Balance problems
  • Ear pain
  • Fluctuating hearing loss
  • Ringing in only one ear
  • Feeling of fullness or pressure in the ears
  • Different hearing loss left vs. right (asymmetrical)

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you need to see a hearing healthcare professional before purchasing a PSAP.

Digital signal processing
Patented adjustment technology
Battery #312
Average Battery Life: 5 to 7 Days
Weight .03 oz.
Available Colors: Beige, Metallic Grey

Tweak has a discreet design so it’s nearly invisible. Its comfortable open-fit design provides natural sound–no barrel effect. Additionally, a digital volume control offers more flexibility.

Both models (Focus and Focus+T) are easy to set up, easy to use, and come with an exceptionally attractive price. Choose the model that best matches your particular needs and lifestyle.

The Focus model has two microphones, offering true directionality for those times that you want to suppress background noise. The Focus model is ideal if your lifestyle includes a variety of environments, both quiet and noisy. Just as its name implies, the Focus model allows you to focus on sounds coming from a particular direction.

  • Ideal for lifestyles that include a variety of environments, both quiet and noisy
  • Three levels of amplification
  • Two listening modes: Quiet and Noise
  • Two microphones–true directionality for suppressing background noise
  • Available in Beige and Metallic Grey

The Focus+T model also has two microphones, offering true directionality for those times that you want to suppress background noise. The Focus+T model is ideal if your lifestyle includes a variety of environments, both quiet and noisy. This model also includes a telecoil for better hearing on the phone and in looped environments.

  • Ideal for lifestyles that include a variety of environments, both quiet, noisy and looped environments
  • Three levels of amplification
  • Three listening modes: Quiet, Noise, and Telecoil
  • Two microphones–true directionality for suppressing background noise
  • Available in Beige and Metallic Grey

Tweak Hearing - hold program button to set up

With a fresh battery in your Tweak and while wearing the Tweak, you are ready to choose an amplification setting.

Start out in a relatively quiet environment. The first time you turn Tweak on, it will be at the lowest amplification setting. How does it sound?

To try the next level of amplification, press and release the upper portion of the rocker switch. You will hear two beeps, indicating you are now in Amplification Setting 2. How does it sound?

Press and release the upper portion of the rocker switch again and you’ll hear 3 beeps. This is the loudest option. You can use the rocker switch to go back through the settings. The beeps will tell you where you are.

Once you’ve decided which setting you like best, lock it in by pressing and HOLDING the rocker switch for six seconds, until you hear one long beep.


Once you lock in your amplification profile, Tweak remembers your preferred amplification setting. Every time you turn on your Tweak it will start out at the amplification profile you locked in.

From this point forward, you have two (with Focus) and three (with Focus+T) listening modes. Every time you turn on your Tweak it will start in the Quiet mode. Use the program button to switch between Quiet, Noise, and Telecoil modes.

To change modes:
Press and hold the program button for one second. Once you release the button, you will hear a special sound that indicates which mode or program you have just entered. Quiet program–you will hear a beep. Noise program–you will hear a “shhhh” sound. Telecoil program–you will hear a dial tone.

Fine-tuning Your Tweak with the Volume Control
In both listening modes you can still make minor adjustments to the volume by simply tapping the rocker switch.

To increase volume: tap the upper portion of the rocker switch.
To decrease volume: tap the lower portion of the rocker switch.

After wearing Tweak for a while, you may decide you want to try a different Amplification Setting than the one you first selected. Fortunately, Tweak is easy to reset, by following a very specific sequence of steps involving the battery door and rocker switch. Then you can start over to choose a new Amplification Setting. Details are included in the instruction manual.

Warranty and Service – Domestic

The manufacturer’s warranty period is 6 months.

This warranty covers any defect in material or faulty production, specifically excluding batteries, domes, and tubes. Any and all warranties are invalidated if the Tweak instrument has been tampered with or altered in any way, if the serial number has been altered or removed, or if any repairs have been made without authorization. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the instrument or any defective part, at manufacturer’s expense, within the limits of the warranty.

This warranty does not include a promise of specific listening improvement.

Warranty service must only be performed by an authorized service center. Service performed by any unauthorized personnel voids all warranties. If service is needed, call 1-888-815-3240.


“Thank you so much for introducing me to the Focus model Tweaks. I started wearing them this weekend and the difference in what I’m hearing is truly remarkable! For some time now, I’ve been in denial about my hearing capabilities. The Tweaks are eye-opening; I can’t believe the sounds and conversations not previously on my radar. I’ve been missing out! I really like the ‘directional mode’ for meetings and events. Also, the DVD and print instructions were very helpful. Between the precise instructions and DryDome®, the Tweaks are a breeze to use and maintain. Thank you.”   –Meredith, TX

“Based on your email response to my question, plus a review of Tweak users, I purchased one. I’ve had the unit in use for a week now and I’m delighted at the performance. While I was able to hear voices on TV before, now I can actually understand what they’re saying…and that goes for those British dramas that I love but always posed a hearing challenge! And I’ve not had to ask my wife to repeat what she says, which make us both happy. Thank you for your sound advice. (Pun intended.)”   –Bernie, MA

“76 year old retired MD with mild high-frequency hearing loss (conversational tones). Tired of saying ‘What?’ and blasting TV. Tweak advertises it’s for those ‘not ready for a hearing aid’, and that describes it perfectly. Simple and comfortable. Clear instructions. Good amplification and superb suppression of static and ambient sounds. Delivery in a few days!”    –Robert, FL

“My order was processed in record time. I only just put it into service, and I think it will work out nicely. I like the unit, and it’s very comfortable but having had many experiences with similar units, I will delay comments on reliability and service for a while. From other’s comments, however, I expect to be satisfied on all counts.”    –Rockwood, NY

“This seller gave faultless service. I actually bought three. I was so happy with this $250 amplifier that when I left the first one at a hotel, I then bought two more in case I lost another. On two occasions, I have tried the $4-5,000 versions. I like this one much better! If I lose these, I will buy three next time!”    –David, AL

“I am so happy with my decision to try your product. I can hear so well, without extraneous noises, and it sounds so natural. I just wanted to say thank you. My Tweaks are a blessing!”    –Adrienne, WA

“Tweak has given me the hearing help I needed at 1/10 the cost of the professional hearing aid offered to me. If anything, it has shown me that a hearing amplifier actually works for me and helps me understand what people are saying. Music in my convertible is also now more enjoyable. I can hear okay without assistance. I was not up for gambling $2,000, but $250 was a reasonable risk. And Tweak works as stated.”    –Dan, PA

“The unit is easy to operate, and the included DVD and manual make it even easier. When I called to order a longer tube and called back to order a larger dome tip, they sent them to me at no charge. That was nice, but they were even nicer on the phone.”    –Edward, FL

“This Personal Sound Amplifier is definitely worth the extra money. The amplification is very natural-sounding and the customer service is superb. I’d happily recommend this device to ANYONE!!!”    –D, Washington

“Bought one to try it because I was not satisfied with my much more expensive ones. This is more comfortable and much easier to adjust because I don’t have to go to store to adjust. I have tinnitus (for years), but no other hearing diseases. I now have two and am very satisfied with them. Also, the telephone staff is great!”    –D, Maryland

“Conversation is markedly improved.”    –U, Missouri

“GREAT sound, easy to clean and easy to make adjustments.”    –bearcat

“I resisted getting a hearing device for about 5 years, partly because of vanity, partly the cost. This device is an excellent value for the price. It’s easy to use, reasonably comfortable and it works. Best of all, my wife and daughters are really happy I finally got one.”    –Mike, Kentucky

“The personnel at Tweak do their best to make sure Tweak is right for you, and you understand how to set it up. Tweak works! I couldn’t buy a better product at any price! Need I say more?”    –Dale, Montana

“I knew I was missing parts of conversations, especially in a crowd, and had to turn up the TV for certain shows. Now that I have Tweak that is no longer the case. It is so easy to adjust to different situations. Just this past week I attended a community annual meeting and could hear every comment/question asked from the audience. Went to a presentation where I just wanted to hear the speakers up front and could tune out all the kids making noise in the audience. Attended a party and could easily hear the conversations above the background noise, and there was plenty. I love my Tweak and am impressed with the quality of the product at such an affordable price.”    –Nancy, North Carolina

“Now that I wear Tweak, I no longer miss part of the conversation–sounds are much clearer.”    –Jan, The Netherlands

“It’s so nice to be able to understand without having to read lips.”    –Rod, South Carolina

“Prior to utilizing Tweak my hearing was just OK. Since wearing Tweak I feel like I’m understanding more. Tweak is easy to use, and the majority of folks do not even know I am using them. The care and upkeep is very simple, and they’re easy to adjust. Thanks to Tweak.”    –Andy, Tennessee

“So comfortable and nearly invisible! I like Tweak much better than my expensive hearing aids–which were five times the price of Tweak!”    –Marijke, The Netherlands

“Incredible. I knew I could use some help, but I didn’t realize what I was missing. Going to a restaurant is a pleasure again. Just turn on the directional, all the background fades, and I can hear what everyone at our table is saying. I wear them 90% of my day. They are so comfortable you forget you have them in.”    –Steve, Tennessee

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