Tweak ReFocus Hearing Amplifier Our Rechargeable Hearing Solution


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Tweak ReFocus is just what you have been searching for – a small, incredibly easy to use, high performance hearing product with rechargeable batteries. Incorporating our patented ClikFIT technology, Tweak ReFocus lets YOU decide which settings sound best for you. The result is a customized fit that provides better performance and higher satisfaction.

Designed by an audiologist with over 50 years in practice and built to the highest quality standards, Tweak ReFocus will have you wondering why you didn’t take this step sooner.

Tweak ReFocus lets you select from five different ‘fitting profiles’, which are custom amplification settings, to find ideal settings. You no longer have to rely on the choice ‘they’ tell you will be best for you. Our customers will choose the options based on what they hear and not someone’s best guess. Just cycle through the options yourself and pick the profile that sounds the best and provides the most benefit for you.

With each charge, Tweak ReFocus provides approximately 30 hours of continuous use – enough to get you through several days before a recharge is required. No more fiddling with those tiny button cell batteries or running out to the store to buy another pack. Just drop the ReFocus into the charging base and in no time, you’ll hear everything.

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Once you choose the fitting profile that sounds best for you, a simple button-push locks it in and remembers it. You can choose between Quiet mode or Noisy mode, as well as access a setting for use with telecoils. Tweak ReFocus incorporates sophisticated sound processing that effortlessly and seamlessly provides noise reduction and feedback suppression.

Separate volume control provides even more flexibility in finding the right listening comfort level.

  • Perfect for both Quiet AND Noisy listening environments
  • Also includes Telecoil setting for better hearing on the phone and in looped environments
  • Choose your listening preference with five different levels of amplification
  • Digital volume control

Each ReFocus comes with

  • Charging base
  • Charging cable
  • Power block
  • Handy pocket-size carrying case
  • Instruction manual, quick start guide, warranty card, plus...

Tips and Tubes Accessories Pack
– Two thin tubes (2B, right and left)
– Two sleeve tips
– Two (6mm) vented domes
– Two (9mm) vented domes
– Two (10mm) closed domes
– Two (12 mm) closed domes
– One cleaning line
– One cleaning tool


DryBoost UV is a great companion for your rechargeable instruments. This product dries and sanitizes your instruments while recharging them!


Need replacement tips and tubes?

Tips and tubes should be replaced 2 to 3 times per year. These are for use specifically with Tweak ReFocus.


Additional information


1.32" x .52" x .34"


0.125 oz. (3.56 gm) – instrument only, no tip and tube

Included Items:

– Handy carrying case – Instruction manual, quick start guide and warranty card – Tips and Tubes Accessories Pack: two common size 2B thin tubes (left and right), two sleeve tips, two 6mm vented domes, two 9mm vented domes, two 10mm closed domes, two 12mm closed domes, one cleaning line, one cleaning tool


Tweak ReFocus has a manufacturer’s warranty of 6 months.

This warranty covers any defect in material or faulty production, specifically excluding batteries, tips, tubes, normal wear and tear, or by misuse or use of the product for other than its intended purpose. Any and all warranties are invalidated if the Tweak ReFocus instrument has been tampered with or altered in any way, if the serial number has been altered or removed, or if any repairs have been made without authorization. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the instrument or any defective part, at manufacturer’s expense, within the limits of the warranty.

This warranty does not include a promise of specific listening improvement.

Warranty service must only be performed by an authorized service center. Service performed by any unauthorized personnel voids all warranties.

The extended warranty coverage provides an additional 12 months of protection (for a total of 18 months) for all issues covered under warranty claim above. With the extended warranty purchase, customer is eligible for a one-time replacement of the product at a significant discount.

Note: Extended warranty MUST be purchased at the same time as the instrument(s) – it cannot be added at a later date.

If the customer decides to return Tweak ReFocus during our normal 30-day money back guarantee period, the purchase of the Extended Warranty Policy will also be refunded in full.

With the purchase of a DryBoost UV, your warranty is extended for 6 months, giving you a total of 12 months of coverage. If you purchase both an extended warranty AND a DryBoost UV, you have a total of 24 months of coverage.

An extended warranty card is included in your device packaging. Simply enter your information and follow the directions on the card then mail it to the address listed. That's it!

Call our support team at 1-888-815-3240 for troubleshooting or warranty information.

One-Time Replacement:

By purchasing the extended warranty(ies), the customer is eligible for a one-time replacement of the Tweak ReFocus for $149.99 per instrument.

The policy provides a one-time replacement of a damaged (non-repairable) Tweak ReFocus for 18 months from the date of purchase. There is no deductible. Instrument(s) replaced under this policy are warranted for the remainder of the warranty period.

Tweak Hearing must be contacted within 30 days of the date of loss or damage. Call our support team at 1-888-815-3240 for troubleshooting or replacement information.


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Is Tweak ReFocus a hearing aid?
ReFocus is an rechargeable personal sound amplification product – “PSAP” as defined by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

PSAPs are intended for non-hearing impaired consumers to amplify sounds in the environment for a number of reasons, such as for recreational activities. PSAPs are not intended to compensate for impaired hearing or to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate disease.

How many listening modes are available?
The Tweak has two listening modes: one for quiet environments and one for noisy environments. The noise mode suppresses background noise. The program button is used to switch between listening modes.
What's so special about Tweak ReFocus?

ReFocus utilizes the same electrical components found in advanced hearing aids.

  • Sound quality – Full and natural, the result of highest quality components driven by exceptional audio engineering. So, it’s a combination of both hardware and software decisions.
  • Digital technology – Delivers amplification only where you want it, automatic feedback control to prevent whistling, and fast-acting compression to improve audibility of soft sounds and softens sudden loud sounds.
  • Personalized amplification – So unique that it’s patented. You can try out different amplification profiles and then lock in what you like best. From that point forward, Tweak remembers your settings, so you can just “set it and forget it”.
  • Fine tuning – Once you’ve set your overall amplification preferences, you still have a volume control to further adapt to different situations. This is a rare combination, never before seen in a PSAP.
  • Rechargeable
Does Tweak in different styles or models?
Yes, Tweak is available in Simply Tweak, Focus+T, and ReFocus models. Simply Tweak is available in beige while Focus+T and ReFocus come in two colors – beige or metallic grey.
What kind of battery does it use, and how long does it last?
Tweak ReFocus uses a lithium ion rechargeable battery. The battery life of a full charge is approximately 30 hours. Keep in mind some functions of the amplifier (volume level, noise compression, etc.) require more energy than others. You may find the battery needs recharging sooner than 30 hours. Once the voltage drops below 0.85V, ReFocus emits six sets of double beeps then shuts down.

Time to fully charge: 3-1/2 hours

How can I tell if a tube is for the right or left ear?
The thin tubes are marked with red lettering for the right ear and blue lettering for the left ear.
What's included with the Tweak ReFocus?
Each Tweak comes with a handy pocket-size carrying case, instruction manual, quick start guide, and warranty card. There are also two tip/tube accessories packs included, giving you multiple choices for the best fit.
What if I need a different size tip or tube?
Since the thin tube delivers amplified sound from Tweak into the ear, it’s important for the thin tube and tip to fit properly in the ear. If you need a different size, other tube lengths and tip sizes are available at or by calling 1-888-815-3240.
Is it necessary to replace the tips and tubes?
Yes, the thin tube and tip need to be changed periodically, typically 2 or 3 times per year. When the tube or tip become soft, discolored, kinked or damaged, obtain replacements at or by calling 1-888-815-3240.
I'm not fully satisfied, can I return it?
Tweak comes with a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days after purchase. You may return your product to the place of purchase for any reason within the first 30 days to receive a full refund of the purchase price excluding any shipping, handling or delivery charges.
Can I adjust the volume?
Yes, even after you have “locked in” your listening preferences, you still have flexibility to quickly adapt to different environments. Tap the upper or lower portion of the rocker switch to increase or decrease the volume.
Can Tweak ReFocus be reset?
Yes. After wearing Tweak ReFocus, you may decide you want to try a different amplification profile than you initially selected. Tweak can be reset with a few simple steps. Refer to instruction manual.
Does the device come with a manufacturer's warranty?
Tweak ReFocus is covered by a limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty applies to the original owner for 6 months from the date of the sale to customer. See the warranty card for complete details.
How can I extend the warranty?
A six-month warranty extension is available for purchase or can be provided at no charge with the user’s validated purchase and regular use of a DryBoost UV. See the warranty card for complete details.
What if my Tweak ReFocus needs service?
Call 1-888-815-3240 or email for assistance. You will be provided a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and instructions to send in your Tweak for service.