Tweak Hearing Replacement Tips / Domes

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About the Product
  • Soft, silicone tips/domes should be changed 2 to 3 times per year
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Sleeve tip allows for a more comfortable fit and sound
  • Compatible with all Tweak Hearing amplifier models
  • Easy slide on and off
  • Tips/domes can be used with any Tweak product

Tips/Domes are available for purchase as singles or 4-packs.

Notice there are two earhooks – snap on and screw on. The screw on type is used by Simply Tweak only.


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Additional information

Additional information

Tip / Dome Sizes

Closed Dome (15mm), 4pk–Closed Domes (15mm), Magic Dome (12mm), 4pk–Magic Domes (12mm), Closed Dome (12mm), 4pk–Closed Domes (12mm), Vented Dome (12mm), 4pk–Vented Domes (12mm), Closed Dome (9mm), 4pk–Closed Domes (9mm), Vented Dome (9mm), 4pk–Vented Domes (9mm), Vented Dome (6mm), 4pk–Vented Domes (6mm), Sleeve, 4pk–Sleeves, Earhook (snap-on), 4pk-Earhook (snap-on), Earhook (screw-on), 4pk-Earhook (screw-on)

Which dome/tip should I use?

The SLEEVE tip is used by individuals with minimal hearing loss.

The VENTED dome helps reduce ambient noise.

The CLOSED dome raises lower frequencies, gives more bass; reduces ambient noise; increases clarity; reduces feedback.

VENTED and CLOSED domes are used if you prefer more bass sounds.

There are two different EARHOOK options – snap on and screw on. The Simply Tweak model requires the screw on type while all other models use the snap on type. Be sure to choose the correct earhook for your Tweak model.

When should I replace the tip?

Replace the silicone tip every 4 to 6 months or when it becomes soft, discolored or damaged.

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