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Tweak Focus+T


Tweak Focus+T is the only digital personal sound amplifier using patented technology that let’s you select from four different ‘fitting profiles’ which are custom amplification settings, to find the one that you like best.

Available colors: Beige and Metallic Grey

(1 customer review)
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Hearing sound amplifier, the Tweak Focus, showing all options and packaging
Collection of sound domes, sleeve
Two Tweak sound tubes, size 2B left and right

Once you choose the fitting profile that sounds best, a simple button push locks it in and remembers it. You can then choose between Quiet mode or Noisy mode as well as access a setting for use with telecoils.

There is a separate volume control to give you even more flexibility in finding the right listening comfort level.

  • Ideal for Quiet and Noisy listening environments
  • Also includes Telecoil setting for better hearing on the phone and in looped environments
  • Choose your listening preference with three levels of amplification
  • Digital volume control

Each Tweak comes with

  • Handy pocket-size carrying case
  • Instruction manual, quick start guide, warranty card
  • Thin Tube Accessories Pack:
    • – Two thin tubes (2B, right and left)
    • – One sleeve tip
    • – Two (9mm) vented domes, preinstalled on thin tubes
    • – One (12mm) vented dome
    • – Two closed domes (9mm and 12mm)
    • – Five cleaning lines
  • Earhook Power Accessories Pack:
    • – Three closed dome tips (S, M, L)
    • – One earhook
    • – One sound tube
    • – One cleaning tool
  • One card of 4 batteries (size 312)

Additional information


1.19"h x .31" w x .63"


0.08 oz. (2.25 gm) – instrument only, no battery, no tip and tube
0.10 oz. (2.75 gm) – instrument and battery, no tip or tube

Included Items:

– Handy carrying case – Instruction manual, quick start guide and warranty card – Thin Tube Accessories Pack: two common size 2B thin tubes (left and right), one sleeve tip, two 9mm vented domes (already attached to tubes), one 12mm vented dome, two closed domes (9mm and 12mm), five cleaning lines – Earhook Accessories Pack: one earhook, one sound tube, three closed domes, one cleaning tool – One card of 4 batteries (size 312)


Tweak Focus+T has a manufacturer’s warranty of 6 months.

This warranty covers any defect in material or faulty production, specifically excluding batteries, tips, tubes, normal wear and tear, or by misuse or use of the product for other than its intended purpose. Any and all warranties are invalidated if the Tweak Focus+T instrument has been tampered with or altered in any way, if the serial number has been altered or removed, or if any repairs have been made without authorization. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the instrument or any defective part, at manufacturer’s expense, within the limits of the warranty.

This warranty does not include a promise of specific listening improvement.
Warranty service must only be performed by an authorized service center. Service performed by any unauthorized personnel voids all warranties.
The extended warranty coverage provides an additional 12 months of protection (for a total of 18 months) for all issues covered under warranty claim above. With the extended warranty purchase, customer is eligible for a one-time replacement of the product at a significant discount.

Note: Extended warranty MUST be purchased at the same time as the instrument(s) – it cannot be added at a later date.

If the customer decides to return Tweak Focus+T during our normal 30-day money back guarantee period, the purchase of the Extended Warranty Policy will also be refunded in full.

With the purchase of a DryMax, your warranty is extended for 6 months, giving you a total of 12 months of coverage. If you purchase both an extended warranty AND a DryMax, you have a total of 24 months of coverage.

An extended warranty card is included in your device packaging. Simply enter your information and follow the directions on the card then mail it to the address listed. That's it!

Call our support team at 1-888-815-3240 for troubleshooting or warranty information.

One-Time Replacement:

By purchasing the extended warranty(ies), the customer is eligible for a one-time replacement of the Tweak Focus+T for $59.99 per instrument.

The policy provides a one-time replacement of a damaged (non-repairable) Tweak Focus for 18 months from the date of purchase. There is no deductible. Instrument(s) replaced under this policy are warranted for the remainder of the warranty period.

Tweak Hearing must be contacted within 30 days of the date of loss or damage. Call our support team at 1-888-815-3240 for troubleshooting or replacement information.

1 review for Tweak Focus+T

  1. Randall Miller

    About 7-8 years ago I knew I needed hearing aids in order to continue working in a hospital. Went to an Audiologist, found out I had significant loss in the higher tone ranges. I was fitted with $6000 behind the ear hearing aids that were bigger, bulkier, and not as comfortable as these Tweak amplifiers. Plus they had a fitted set of vented “domes” that completely filled my ear canal.

    They were horribly uncomfortable and drove me crazy. Every little noise at work was amplified as if two railroad boxcars had smashed together right in front of me. I could hardly wait to get in my car after finishing my shift and yank them out of my ears , Sometimes I had to just sit in silence for several minutes to “decompress”. I hated them.

    Since they were essential to my work I also bought a pair if OTC “hearing aids” online for about $300 as spares and was chagrined to find out they worked almost as well as my expensive ones, although they were also bulky and had uncomfortable domes.

    After retiring five years ago I just stopped wearing my hearing aids, but my poor wife suffered as she had to repeat everything she said to me at least once, and we found it necessary to both almost shout to each other, her because she had to for me to hear, and me because it just came with not hearing myself talk well enough to realize I was speaking so loudly. Life became increasingly less fun as I could not hear conversations with friends or understand my grandsons, but I just dreaded wearing those hearing aids.

    I started looking at OTC hearing aids again several months ago in the hope that I could find something that worked for me at a reasonable price. I narrowed it down to three widely highly reviewed units, including these Tweak amplifiers, which got the nod because our Church now has telecoil and the Tweaks I bought are +T equipped.

    Let me start talking about the Tweaks by saying that I would not now buy any unit that does not have telecoil capability. These Tweaks are just fabulous but the cherry on the icing on the cake was the first Sunday I attended Mass and heard the sermon as if it was broadcast personally to my ears from the microphone.

    When the Tweaks came several days after I ordered them (thanks for the fast delivery!) I was amazed at how small, light, and comfortable they were. I was skeptical that such a little unit could work well, and also was certain that I’d have to install the domes and suffer having them in my ear canal for the units to work well. But I was wrong on all counts. The minute I slipped them in my ears (they almost install themselves it’s so easy) and heard my wife’s clear, beautiful voice again for the first time in maybe ten years I was thrilled that I bought them.

    I have now worn them for about two weeks and I intend to keep them and continue to enjoy the best sound amplification that I’ve had from any of the three units that I have owned. The sound is clear, crisp, and just perfect. I find that they have plenty of volume, and the “noisy environment” setting is perfect for helping to hear what needs to be heard and dampening out what doesn’t. And again, the telecoil benefit is the bomb. Batteries seem to last six or seven days, and I couldn’t be happier with these Tweak +T units, and think they are a real great value.

    If you think you might benefit from something like the Tweak sound amplifier I strongly recommend that you give them a risk-free trial. I’m sure glad that I did.

    • tweakhearing

      Dear Mr. Miller,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your Tweak experience with us. Our parent company slogan states ‘Helping people hear better, every day.’ – we work hard to meet users’ expectations, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you with Focus+T!

      Hope you enjoy the Tweak amplifiers for years to come! Be sure to contact us if we can assist you with anything in future.

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