NanoClean Hearing Amplifier Cleaners


NanoClean’s Fine Instrument Cleaners are designed to keep your hearing aid clean and free of dirt and grime. Featuring NanoClean Advanced Technology, each hearing aid cleaner features a rigid threader and a soft, spongy, nylon brush to safely sweep away debris and eliminate moisture. A unique “thread-and-pull” cleaning action gets the job done quickly and easily!

Each package contains 20 pre-cut strands.

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  • Simple  |  Gentle  |  Effective
  • Soft brush removes moisture and debris
    with unique thread-and-pull action.
  • Ideal for cleaning:
    – Standard and thin tube hearing aids
    – Tympanometer tubes
    – In-ear sound monitors
    – Police radio earpieces

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Guide threader into the vent, tubing or other fine instrument canal. Pull brush through.


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