DryMax by Dry & Store
DryMax by Dry & Store
DryMax by Dry & Store

DryMax (Extends Warranty of Tweak)

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Once you’ve taken that all important step of getting help with your hearing, the next most important thing to do is to protect the investment you have just made. The DryMax® is the perfect choice to do just that, combining all three of the essential elements needed for effective drying and storage of your hearing devices: heat, moving air, and a desiccant that drives the relative humidity really low, and captures the moisture that is released.

DryMax is an energy-efficient electronic appliance designed for use every night to care for and store all varieties of hearing instruments – hearing aids, cochlear implant hardware, noise or tinnitus maskers, in-ear monitors, and even your wireless earphones. Large enough to accommodate a pair of your devices, DryMax is also small enough to take with you when you travel so you can continue the benefits of drying and protecting your hearing devices wherever you happen to be. The latest innovation in our industry-leading Dry & Store product category, DryMax is the perfect choice for taking care of your hearing instruments.

Your purchase of a DryMax will include a six-month supply of Dry-Brik Mini.

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Additional information

Additional information


6.5 oz. (186 grams)

Unit Size

7.2" wide x 4.9" deep x 3.3" high (18.3 cm x 12.4 cm x 8.4 cm)

Drying Compartment

(Single Tray) 3.9" x 2.9" x 1" (9.9 cm x 7.4 cm x 2.5 cm)

Input Power

5 volts Vdc, 0.65 amps, micro-USB connector – 3.65 watts

Output Power

24 VDC at 15W maximum – Check on this

Power Options

The default AC Adapter has a US/Japan plug, but worldwide plug kit is available. Power supplies are interchangeable with both DryMax and DryMax-UV models and are CE Marked. Certifications: Will also work with an inverter for 12V service. Your DryMax can be used anywhere in the world – no voltage converter is necessary; all that’s needed is the appropriate plug adapter. Choose from US, and worldwide power kit (EU, UK,

Battery Removal

Batteries do not have to removed from hearing aids before DryMax use. We do recommend opening the battery door to allow for better drying in the battery compartment area.

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