Dry-Brik Mini desiccants use with DryMax units


Just like its older sibling Dry-Brik II, the Dry-Brik Mini is a custom, molecular sieve desiccant that eliminates moisture and odors, so your hearing instruments come out both dry and fresh-smelling. The Mini desiccant is used with the DryMax and DryMax-UV models.

Each Dry-Brik Mini lasts 1 month. One package of six Dry-Brik Mini desiccants is a six-month supply.

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The Dry-Brik Mini contained in the DryMax and DryMax-UV models has three important functions: (1) to permanently remove the moisture molecules that are released from the devices during the warm drying cycle; (2) to drive the relative humidity inside the box to a much lower level than is possible with just a heater, thus maximizing the drying capability; and (3) to capture odors.


Boxes using heat alone lower the relative humidity by warming the air, but the amount of moisture in the air does not change. While warm air can hold more moisture than cool air, unless the water is removed, it can condense right back where it was when the heat goes off. That’s where the desiccant comes in.


Products without a desiccant might work fine in a desert, but in a humid environment they are simply ineffective. The DryMax and DryMax-UV use patented technology: a controlled amount of warm dry air, a soft but continuous flow of air around all of the small ports and openings in an electronic device like a hearing instrument, and the powerful Dry-Brik Mini desiccant to do the job right!

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1.6 oz each (45.4 g)


The Dry-Brik Mini desiccant is compatible with the DryMax and DryMax-UV models. Once the foil top is removed, the Mini desiccant lasts 1 month.


The Dry-Brik Mini desiccant is a molecular sieve, which is a much more aggressive desiccant than silica gel. Moreover, mol sieve (pronounced "MOL SIV") is better suited for the operating temperature of DryMax and DryMax-UV. Silica gel doesn't work as well as mol sieve at our operating temperatures.

Shelf Life:

With the foil cover intact and stored in a climate-controlled environment, a Dry-Brik II has a shelf life of at least a year.


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