Compare Personal Sound Amplifier (PSAP) Models

Tweak digital personal sound amplifier products (PSAPS) come in two options – Focus and Focus+T.

The primary difference is that the Focus+T model includes the Telecoil option for use with telephone or loop systems.

Each model is available in either Beige or Metallic Grey finishes.

See a full comparison of each personal sound amplifier in the chart below:

Feature Focus
all-around sound and focused sound illustration
all-around sound, focused sound illustration, telecoil symbol
Available in 2 colors – Beige and Metallic Grey
Slim profile case, with thin tube coupling to the ear
comfortable, nearly invisible, no barrel effect
Cutting-edge automatic feedback control minimizes whistling
omni-directional / all-around sound illustrationOmnidirectional mode (Quiet program)
for all-around sound
Directional or focused sound illustrationDirectional mode (Noise program)
allows for better listening in noisy environments – reduces background noise and clatter
(2 microphones work together to provide true directionality)
allows you to hear better on the telephone or connect to a loop system
Digital volume control
fine tuning volume within your amplification profile for flexibility in difficult listening situations
12 band graphic equalizer – provides smooth, natural sound with amplification only where you need it
Fast-acting sound-activated compression
(4 channels – improves audibility of soft sounds and softens sudden loud sounds)
User reset capability
Low battery tone indicator
Battery size 312 312
Push-button access to listening modes:
Quiet, Noise, and Telecoil allow you to quickly and easily customize your listening preference, depending on your situation

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